Tenetics, LLC Columbia, MD 2014-Present
Founder, Managing Director
Tenetics specializes in IoT and the design of software and wireless telemetry products for agriculture.  Tenetics is also in a joint venture developing opto-electronic anti-counterfeiting devices.

Axiometric, LLC Columbia, MD 2004-2014
Founder, Managing Director
Axiometric specialized in high redundancy ad-hoc wireless mesh networks for industrial monitoring and control applications. Axiometric’s proprietary MeshPlus® networking has been deployed in hundreds of thousands of utility metering devices nationwide and internationally.  Axiometric’s MeshPlus technology and utility metering products were sold in the Fall of 2014 to a large US meter manufacturer.

CIENA Corporation Linthicum, MD 1996 (pre-IPO) – 2004
Director, Software Development (11/01- 10/04)
CIENA produces leading-edge fiber-optic telecommunications equipment. I was responsible for all areas of software development, integration, and testing for CIENA’s $1.2 billion CoreStream product line. CoreStream is a multi-bay system with hundreds of processors carrying real-time data for thousands of kilometers at terabit rates.

  • Managed 50 engineers, managers, and directors with an annual budget of over $8 million.
  • Instituted project management to reduce overruns from 6 months to 2 weeks within first year and delivered on-time thereafter while maintaining aggressive schedules and high quality
  • Reduced team size by 33% after 18 months through improved efficiencies and practices
  • Integrated geographically diverse teams using collaboration technologies and team/trust building
  • Introduced management best practices including: clearly defined roles; performance-based incentives; streamlined processes; extensive training and team building
  • Instituted software best practices including: coding standards, code reviews and inspections, pair programming, code quality metrics, OOP, design standards and reviews, unit and integration testing, test automation, and software configuration management
  • Instituted procedures to comply with ISO-9001, TL-9000 while maintaining focus on ROI and without adding significant overhead
  • US Patent 7,962,588 Method and system for managing optical network elements

Manager, Network Management Software (11/99 – 11/01)

  • Managed 11 software developers responsible for all embedded network management.
  • Software subject matter expert (SME) for division
  • Led re-architecture to dramatically improve quality and efficiency: a 6 month development effort permanently reduced maintenance staff by 50%
  • Delivered a scalable Java management platform that de-coupled network management software from hardware deliveries improving time-to-market, lowering costs, and generating revenue
  • Responsible for recruiting, hiring, budgeting, and strategic and architectural planning

Principal Engineer (11/98 – 11/99)

  • Software lead for team of 6 software engineers responsible for embedded network management
  • Started internship program at CIENA and supervised software interns

Lead Engineer (12/96-11/98)

  • Designed and developed real-time embedded and network management software

GRCI Telecommunications Division Columbia, MD 1995 – 1996
Senior Software Engineer
GRCI developed leading-edge fiber-optic telecommunications equipment for international and US commercial and defense customers. The OSU product line carried and performed real-time data manipulation at hundreds of megabits per second.

  • Software technical lead for development of SONET telecommunications products
  • Delivered software on-schedule, within budget, and with best-in-class quality
  • Developed protocol stacks, network management, communications drivers, and board-support
  • Directly responsible for design, implementation, scheduling, tasking, and reviewing all work performed by 8 engineers in two locations

Public Broadcasting Service and National DataCast Inc 1991 – 1995
Data Communications Engineer
PBS is a national television network; National Datacast, Inc. is a commercial subsidiary of PBS responsible for generating revenue from spare capacity in the PBS satellite and broadcast system.

  • Designed and developed software and mixed-signal, multi-processor hardware to deliver high-speed data (data-over video) over the PBS satellite and terrestrial broadcast network
  • Authored RFPs, managed competitive bids, and negotiated and supervised $1M contract manufacture, test, and delivery of product
  • Chaired EIA/NAB working groups for National Data Broadcasting Committee (NDBC) Technical Requirements Working Group and Data Transmission Protocol Working Group. Authored standards document
  • Represented PBS in national standards committees including EIA-608 (Closed Captioning)

DataWatch and Digital Engineering New York 1989 – 1991

  • Enterprise software development, software and IT consulting
  • Developed embedded medical device hardware and software

Semaphore, Inc New York 1985 – 1989
Semaphore produced vertical market software for architects, engineers, and designers.

  • Hired, trained, and managed software developers and sales staff
  • Managed professional services team allowing company to self-fund

Technical Experience

  • Engineering team management
  • Project management with focus on agile process
  • Embedded Systems: IoT, wireless telemetry, telecommunications, fiber optics, industrial, systems interfacing
  • User Interfaces: JSF/PrimeFaces, Swing, Java FX, MySQL, GIS
  • Electronics: Digital and analog circuits, PCB layout, sub-GHz wireless, power management, high reliability systems
  • Languages: C, C++, Java, assembler (various).
  • Processors: Cortex/ARM, x86, 68K, PPC.
  • Tools: Gnu tool-chain, Subversion, Git, CVS, ClearCase, Doxygen, JProbe, JUnit, CppUnit, Eagle, SPICE, VHDL, oscilloscopes, logic, spectrum, and network analyzers.


Johns Hopkins UniversityMS Computer Science, 1999
University of Maryland – BS Computer Science, 1989