Obihai OBI202 VOIP

I bought an Obihai OBI202 VOIP box in November 2013 for my home office; these are $70 from Amazon and elsewhere and often on sale for less (I paid $52.24 shipped).

Obihai OBI202 VoIP Phone Adapter with Router - SIP, T.38 Fax Support

The Obi202 is another great VOIP box, even better than Ooma IMHO, but for more technical users.  For the first year, it provided an absolutely free phone line via Google Voice.  This year (May 2014), Google dropped its support for free outgoing calls, so I signed up for a year of service for $60 with PhonePower.  So far the service has been perfect.

The Obi202 features include:

  • Supports 2 lines
  • Supports multiple VOIP providers (unlike the Ooma Telo which only works with the Ooma service, the Obi202 is not locked to a particular provider and you can configure the box with up to 4 different VOIP providers)
  • Crystal clear phone calls