NOOBS on Raspberry Pi

Notes on setting up NOOBS (Debian Linux) on a Raspberry Pi

  1. Download NOOBS linux (offline version) from here and copy all of the files in the .zip to the root of an SD card
  2. Boot the SD card with a monitor and keyboard attached to the Pi
  3. Use the Pi GUI to configure the WiFi network (if desired)
  4. Configure the Pi to use a default IP on the Ethernet interface that’s on the same subnet as the PC auto-IP subnet (169.254.x.y) – I used (‘R’.’P’); this will let you boot the Pi headless, connect it to the Ethernet port of your PC, and ssh into it with no other hardware.  To do this, modify the file /boot/cmdline.txt and add “ip=” to the end of the single long line.  See details here.
  5. Login (default user is ‘pi’ and default password is ‘raspberry’)
  6. sudo apt-get update
  7. sudo apt-get upgrade