LG Ultrawide Monitor

There is no such thing as too much monitor…although I think I’ve come close this time.

I bought an LG 34UM69G 34″ ultra-wide monitor for the office from amazon for $215 on Cyber Monday. It has 2560×1080 resolution and is indeed very very wide (21:9 aspect ratio). It’s taking the place of another high-def (QHD) monitor with a more traditional aspect ratio.

When I first saw the box, I worried that it might not fit on my fairly large desk, but I was pleasantly surprised; the ultra-wide monitor fits nicely and looks great. The panel itself had no dead pixels and is very thin with almost no bezel so it looks and feels smaller than the 28″ monitor it is replacing. The base is elegantly designed, feels solid, installs with no tools, and has good adjustments for height and tilt. The internal speakers are good enough that I’ll get the external speakers off my desk; the width helps with the stereo effect.

The full resolution is obtained using the included (but somewhat short) HDMI 1.4 cable and it even works with my ancient Zotac GeForce 210 video card (something that needs to be upgraded soon). Overall, this monitor is a winner and provides a lot of screen real estate without making the text so small that my over-50 eyes have trouble. I don’t think I’d want anything wider or higher resolution (as that would cause text to become too small). Recommended!