GW Instek GPP-3323 Power Supply

Every lab needs at least one good variable bench power supply. There are so many important features that few manufacturers get all of them right. I have quite a few bench supplies, but the best moderately priced supply I own is the GPP-3323 from GW Instek.

The key features for me are:

  • Dual variable outputs 0-32V, 3A max each
  • Third limited output meant for digital logic: 1.8/2.5/3.3/5.0V at up to 5A
  • Very low-noise output (<= 350uV)
  • Outputs can be paralleled for higher current or put in series for higher voltage
  • Over-voltage/current/power/temperature protection
  • No overshoot on power on/off or load transients
  • Intuitive display/user interface
  • Keypad for numeric entry of all values
  • Individual output enables and also all-output control
  • Minimal fan noise
  • Programmable via USB and LAN interfaces
  • Can generate configurable output waveforms

However, what really distinguishes this power supply from others is that one of the power supplies can be used as an electronic load (up to 50W). This makes this supply unusually useful for developing DC-DC converters and generally characterizing power supplies.

I bought it from TEquipment which I highly recommend as a vendor.